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Is a lawn necessary to install the signs?

We install signs on traditional residential lawns.  We define a lawn as a wide expanse of unobstructed soil with grass on the top.  We cannot install signs in pea gravel, concrete, mulch, flower beds, thick landscaping or hard packed soil that has been used as a driveway, for example.  We are unable to install signs in areas where rocks / small boulders are prominent in the “yard.”  We are required to drive the stake into the ground 10-inches to properly / safely install a sign.  it’s impossible if the yard is filled with rock.

We cannot place a sign in front of public utility boxes, water mains or any other structure owned by the city, county or state. We cannot impede access to these areas or we could be fined and / or have our signs destroyed because they are impeding the area.

What is your area of service?  Do you deliver signs for display on the property of commercial business locations?

We serve the greater San Antonio area, including Fair Oaks Ranch,  Universal City, Windcrest, Converse, Live Oak, Selma, and Elmendorf.

We are no longer able to deliver signs to Boerne until construction on I-10 is finished. 

We are unable to deliver to Marion, Seguin, Schertz, Cibolo, Garden Ridge  and New Braunfels, TX.

We don’t deliver our signs for display at commercial business locations, nor apartment complexes or condominiums. Management does not allow for lawn signs because all property is community property. We do deliver to town homes as long as there is a small patch of lawn for use in order to set up the storks or birthday signs. The lawn must be for the specific use of the homeowner or lessee. We deliver signs to all residential lawns.

How soon should I order a sign? What is the cut-off for next day delivery?

We do not reserve newborn storks in advance due to the unpredictabiity of a baby’s arrival.  Our flock is large. We will have a sign available for you when you call.

We do take reservations for shower or gender reveal storks.

Our firm cut-off for next day delivery of newborn sign rentals is 6:00 p.m.  If you’d like to have the stork in the yard before the new parents and baby arrive home, we must have all the necessary info and payment no later than 6:00 p.m. the evening before they are to be discharged.  An earlier notice is appreciated, but 6:00 p.m. is the firm cut-off for next day deliveries.

How long is the rental period?

The rental period is one week.  For example, if we deliver on Monday we will pick up the sign the following Monday.  We will leave the bundle, sibling or message stars, cloud, dog bones or cat sign at the front door for the new parents to keep when we pick up the sign.  A “new baby” lawn sign announcement costs about the same as sending flowers, but it’s a lot more fun and makes for a great family photo opportunity!

What time do you deliver your “new baby” yard signs?

We deliver once per day, beginning at 9:00 a.m. Monday – Saturday. Depending on the number of deliveries, your sign will be delivered no later than noon.   We begin deliveries later in the morning on Sunday.  If you have a special request for delivery at a certain time please let us know and we will do our best to arrange it.

How much does a Stork Lady “new baby” yard sign rental cost?  Will there be a delivery fee?

The charge for renting the sign of your choice is $85.00*, and includes the first 20 miles we drive from our address at Westover Hills (near Sea World) to the delivery address.  There is a $10 delivery fee for addresses 20-25 miles from ours. And a $20 fee for addresses from 25-30 miles from ours.

There is a $20 delivery fee to addresses in Fair Oaks Ranch, Boerne, Live Oak, Universal City, Converse and Selma.  There is a $20 fee to addresses north of 1604 / 281.

We are unable to deliver signs to Schertz, Garden Ridge, Cibolo and New Braunfels.

How much are sibling / message stars / Dog Bones and Cat Signs?

$20 each. The new parents / siblings keep them at the end of the rental period.

What service do you offer for multiple births?

We normally set up a separate sign for each baby. The first sign is priced at the regular rate of $85. Each subsequent sign is discounted to $70. At the end of the rental period the new parents keep each personalized bundle, star or cloud. If you’d like to have a single sign for multiple births I can share a few example photos via email.

What service do you offer for the happy grandparents?

If a sign for the grandparents is ordered at the same time as the sign for the new parents the rental price is discounted to $70.00**. The bundle traditionally states “Proud Grandparents of (Baby’s Name) and the birthdate.

How much does a birthday yard sign rental cost? How long is the rental period?

The charge for renting the birthday sign of your choice is $75.00.* The rental period is for as many days as you’d like to have it, up to one week.

When we return to pick up the sign following the rental period we will leave the message plaque / Star(s) at the front door for the honoree to keep.

PLEASE NOTE: The topper on the cupcake is part of the sign and is not kept by the birthday recipient.

How much are the birthday message stars?

$20 each. The honoree keeps them at the end of the rental period.

What color vinyl do you use on the baby bundle, stars, clouds and birthday message plaques?

Stork Signs:

We use pink or blue on the sides of the bundle. For wording, our default color is black because it’s easy to read and matches the sign.  However, we are happy to use your color preference. Be sure to let us know at the time you order. If you don’t request a different color we will use black.

Carriage Signs:

Our carriage is navy blue. We use blue or pink vinyl, depending on the sex of the baby.

Sibling / Message Stars:

Our default color is black but there is a background of pink or blue polka dots or pink hearts on our sibling stars.

Message Stars for birthday / anniversary / all occasion celebrations have a fun colorful background that we affix the black wording to. The background can match the theme of the sign or birthday party.

Birthday Signs:

Most of the time we use black for the wording on our birthday plaques.  We use navy with the navy cupcake and hot pink with the pink sign. If you prefer a different color for the wording of the message plaque please let us know at the time you place your order.

Where will you place the sign in the yard?

We choose the best location possible for visibility, as well as for the best photo ops. That said, sometimes there are issues such as utility boxes, automatic lawn sprinkler systems, tree roots or landscaping that will dictate placement. In those situations, we will still use our best judgment as to location and it always works out just fine. If there is a specific location, you’d like for the sign to be please let us know when you order and we will do our very best to place it there. We cannot guarantee exact placement of the sign to your specifications if you are not home when we deliver the sign or you have not obviously marked the location in the yard with a tangible marker. But we will get very close.

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot place a sign in front of public utility boxes, water mains or any other structure owned by the city, county or state. We cannot impede access to these areas or we could be fined and / or have our signs destroyed because they are impeding the area.

How do I place my order? How do I pay for your service?

We take most orders by phone at 210-601-7351. If you prefer you may contact us via email at hello@storklady.com. We’re just like the florist. We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express over the phone in payment of the rental. You may mail a personal check, cashier’s check, or money order if you are calling well ahead and time permits. Orders must be paid in advance.

What is your refund policy?

You will receive a full refund if any of the following apply:

  • You cancel your stork or birthday sign rental at least 24-hours in advance
  • Extreme weather conditions prevent us from setting up your sign

You will not receive a refund if any of the following apply:

  • We are unable to get into a gated community because we were not given a gate code or it doesn’t work
  • The security guard at a gated community refuses to allow us entry Please note: We stay very busy and we can’t wait at a gate for more than 10 minutes while the guard attempts to contact the homeowner to grant access. It is important that you make arrangements with the guard to give us access prior to the moment of delivery.
  • The homeowner or recipient does not allow us to set up the sign or calls us to request that we pick up the sign prior to the end of the rental period
  • If a dog or other animal is threatening or refuses to allow us onto the property

*prices include set up, delivery and pick up. Prices are subject to change without notice

**Delivery charges may apply if the grandparents’ address is more than  20 miles from our location.